AMW Reloaded, home page

Welcome to this site. Unfortunately, AMW has ceased operation as of 2014. We don't know exactly when, but we've continued to check since we took the web site offline, and have determined that AMW is not coming back. We do have some good news from our contact who contributed named Allen, and he wrote the following on 6/16/14.

Hi Jared, Here's the bad news: AMW is gone. However, there is good news. John Walsh has a new show coming out that will be similar in nature! It is called "The Hunt with John Walsh" and will debut Sunday, July 13th on CNN. It will also be profiling fugitives, according to reports, national and international fugitives and from the way it's described sounds like basically a re-named version of AMW Unfortunately I don't know what this means for your blogs and podcasts (The Hunt reloaded? LOL :) ) but John Walsh is back next month! .

On 6/18/14, Allen indicates that the show will debut on July 13th, 2014 on CNN. On the 20th of June, he indicates that there is no show web site, at least not yet. We hope to keep users informed.

There is no way to contact AMW Reloaded at this time, so please go to the network home page.

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